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Ready to start your career in burlesque dancing? You'll need a good performing name! Why not try this one on for size?


Another name?

Currently serving up umpty-jillion names!


This site is the latest version of a name-generating algorithm that was first hosted at, and refined as part of the Man Minus One series of projects.

Technologies used for this site include Bootstrap, jQuery, Font Awesome, and Gandi for hosting.

This site is on Github! Feel free to visit the repository, download the code, and improve upon it. Pull requests welcome!


The content for this website is randomly generated, and as such has not been completely reviewed by humans. While we have taken great pains to prevent objectionable or inappropriate content from being generated, we acknowledge that certain combinations of content may cause offense or objection, and for that we apologize in advance. This site is provided as entertainment, and no offense at all is meant.

If you have concerns about the content on this site, please contact us through any of the means listed in the Contact tab.


For details on the site, please contact us through any of these social media:


Or if you prefer email, toots at burlesque dot name.

This site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

This site is one of many projects created by Man Minus One. For further information please visit